Item #11849 Arte de Brilhantes Vernizes, & das tinturas. João Stooter.
Arte de Brilhantes Vernizes, & das tinturas.

Arte de Brilhantes Vernizes, & das tinturas.

Antwerp, Anna Margaretha Blanckaert Widow of H. Verdussen 1729-1732.

8vo (170 x 102 mm.). iix], 65, [5], 39 [1 blank] 40-63p. Woodcut title vignette.

Old gray book cloth, flat spine (stained) with red sheep leather label with gilt lettering.

            A BENCH BOOK. First edition, complete with all three parts, of the first Portuguese recipe book on varnish, dyes, and finishing. João Stooter, a Dutch diamond cutter and gunsmith found, compiled, tested, corrected, and adapted recipes in practice in other parts of Europe for artists and artisans in Portugal and their colonies.
           He presents nearly one hundred recipes — Chinese lacquers, shellacs, dyes, glues, oil and alcohol-based varnishes including one to use on prints and paintings, etc. FOR WATCHMAKERS, SILVERSMITHS, AND GOLDSMITHS, Stooter gives instructions for finishing metals, silvering and dissolving metals for gilding, for painting and for calligraphy.
            He notes the origins of the recipes and ingredients, carefully describing the uses and qualities of wood from the Portuguese colonies of Angola and Brazil, the Middle East, India, the Caribbean and other parts of Europe.
           Throughout, he shares his experiences, stresses safety and encourages artisans to experiment. The author left ample room throughout the volume below or between entries for manuscript additions: ONLY ONE PAGE IS SET TO FULL TEXT-BLOCK DEPTH. Stooter distributed fifty copies of the first two parts before halting sales, which resumed three years later when he finished the final part, where he refers to his work in 1731/32 (Pt. [3] p. 40). This supplement treats cochineal dyes, imitation tortoiseshell, coatings for mirror glass, gesso, glues and varnishes for paper in response to the popularity of decoupage furniture decoration. A half century later, the book came into its own with editions in 1786, 1790, 1825 and 1851. In good condition, (minor foxing and staining throughout); a half-dozen manuscript corrections not in the errata,  ownership inscription of Antonio Carlos de Oliveira dated 1752 on second flyleaf, signature of Fernando Canoz dated Lisbon 1941 on title-page.
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Item #11849

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