De L’Affranchissement Des Esclaves. Agénor-Étienne Gasparin, comte de.
De L’Affranchissement Des Esclaves.
De L’Affranchissement Des Esclaves.
De L’Affranchissement Des Esclaves.

De L’Affranchissement Des Esclaves.

Paris, Fain for Joubert 1839.

8vo (205 x 130 mm.). [iv], 84p.

Contemporary green morocco backed green cloth boards (rubbed), vertically gilt-lettered spine title.

First Edition, earliest issue. THIS PROOF COPY OF AN ANTISLAVERY TRACT IS CORRECTED IN MANUSCRIPT FOR CLARITY AND CONTENT: the revisions are almost certainly authorial. They include two dozen text changes and cancellations, as well as ten full pages deleted before the booklet was publicly available. The first 46 pages had already appeared in the Bibliothèque universelle de Genève in Jan. 1839; here the corrections begin on p. 47.
            A Protestant government official, spiritualist and quondam revolutionary, Gasparin here promotes the emancipation of enslaved peoples and the abolition of slavery in the French colonies — French Guiana, Martinique and Saint-Domingue among those mentioned. He advocates a gradualist approach in which enslaved individuals work for their freedom and their children are born free. He also warns of France’s waning international influence, and appeals to national pride. His deleted passages primarily concern contemporary Franco-European alliances and relations in this light.
            Gasparin dedicated himself to abolition, prison reform and religious liberty — especially for Protestant colporteurs. In 1848, he left France for Switzerland, where he wrote numerous social treatises, participated in table-turning séances and died caring for wounded soldiers in his home.
            I have located one other copy of this 84p. proof issue (BnF; the published version has 74p.). In good condition (some marginal notes shaved).
¶See Sabin’s A Dictionary of Books Relating to America 26727 and Jenning’s French Anti-Slavery: The Movement for the Abolition of Slavery in France, 1802-1848 passim.

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