Vom Ende der Welt/ Vnd zukunfft des Endtchrists. Melchior AMBACH.
Vom Ende der Welt/ Vnd zukunfft des Endtchrists.

Vom Ende der Welt/ Vnd zukunfft des Endtchrists.

Frankfurt a.M., H. Gülfferich [1548].

4to (188 x 142 mm.). [x], [109]p.

Flush-cut in patterned wrappers.

Only Edition: VERNACULAR APOCALYPTIC VERSE PROPHECIES SPANNING FOUR MILLENNIA. From biblical figures to medieval mystics, the doomsayers include Moses, the Sibyls and the German saints Hildegard of Bingen (1098-1179) and Mechtilde of Hackeborn (1241-98). The End of the World is “a unique and highly significant source for late medieval and Reformation-era apocalypticism” (Green).
     Ambach apparently followed a manuscript compiled about 1400 by an anonymous poet, who condensed the texts and put them into German. The editor modernized the orthography, contributed brief biographies of the writers, glossed the margins and, in some cases, altered dates to make the predictions relevant to his readers. For him, the prognostications foreshadow the Protestant Reformation. He vigorously attacks the Catholic Church, condemns the clergy’s vices and identifies the Antichrist with Islam and Roman Catholicism, predicting the fall of the papacy. We have dated the book after a reference on page [50] to 1548 as the current year. A good copy (some foxing, title stained with a small hole touching one letter).
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