Item #11176 Der Verschantzte Turenne Oder Gründliche Alt= und Neue Kriegs=Bau=Kunst. Johann Heinrich BEHR.
Der Verschantzte Turenne Oder Gründliche Alt= und Neue Kriegs=Bau=Kunst.

Der Verschantzte Turenne Oder Gründliche Alt= und Neue Kriegs=Bau=Kunst.

Gera, G.H. Müller for C. Weidmann in Frankfurt a.M. and Leipzig 1677.

Oblong 16mo (97 x 160 x 37 mm.). Frontis, [xiv], 608p. and THIRTY-TWO ENGRAVED PLATES WITH TWO HUNDRED EIGHT FIGURES, engraved title with war weeds in the foreground and a city being besieged and shelled in the background signed CW.

Contemporary vellum over thin paper boards (slightly warped, soiled, short slit in the front cover), flat spine, old green edges.

First Edition of this manual. It was in print into the 1720s. The book is divided in three parts. The first lays out what the military architect requires of mathematics, geometry and surveying. It is here that Behr decries and pictures HIS INSTRUMENT FOR CELESTIAL AND TERRESTRIAL MENSURATION. The second and third parts concern fortification, current state of the art (pp. 305-544) and finally the most recent advances in new construction — all reflecting “Netherlandish” practice and some attributed to specific commanders (Russenstein, Scheither…).
            Behr treats regular and irregular fortifications in all terrain from swamps and shorelines to mountains. He lists common mistakes in their fortification, proposes and illustrates the best method for each, and in some cases provides the appropriate terminology in Latin, Italian and French, witness to the international character of war. He details the width of rampart footpaths and parapets, optimal outerworks, how to strengthen extant gates, bridges and streets and how to rapidly secure outposts in open ground. He tells how to enhance built (urban) environments and transfer a design on paper to the situation at hand, from trenching to housing. His observations on offensive and defensive tactics and structures immediately precede a catalog of two hundred axioms of military leadership. The author taught cadets and rose to become the Prussian Royal Architect and Chief Engineer and a member of the Prussian Academy of Sciences. In good condition (slightly browned, one or two ink spots), lacks the last leaf with instructions to the binder as all copies I have identified, bookplate of economist Walther Voth.
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Item #11176

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