Institvtion pour l’Adolescence du Roy Treschrestien Charles Nevfiesme. Pierre de RONSARD.
Institvtion pour l’Adolescence du Roy Treschrestien Charles Nevfiesme.

Institvtion pour l’Adolescence du Roy Treschrestien Charles Nevfiesme.

Paris, G. Buon 1563.

4to (204 x 150 mm.). 5, [1] leaves. A woodcut Buon device on the title.

Crushed brown morocco (G. Huser), vertically gilt-lettered spine title, all edges gilt.

Composed for the 11-year-old Charles IX (1550-74) on the eve of the French Wars of Religion, this popular verse Mirror of Princes by the “prince of poets and poet of princes” promotes virtue and a humanist education as the foundation of an successful reign. Ronsard advises the boy-king to remember his humanity, to avoid sycophants, to fear God, to think carefully about every edict, to wage only just war, to appoint virtuous advisors, to prize friends over wealth, to govern his kingdom as he governs his household and, above all, to study rhetoric, history, music, mathematics and medicine. Just over a decade later, Ronsard would compose an elegy for the same Charles, after his death at the age of 24.
     “Ronsard’s verse impresses by the breadth of its imaginative vision, by its copious diversity and energy, by the suggestiveness of his images, by the sensitive interplay between syntax, rhythm, and musicality, and by the consummate skill with which he surpasses and personalizes the models and conventions which have inspired him” (Oxford Companion to Literature in French). Buon held the privilege for this work, first issued it in 1562 (once) and at least thrice in 1563. I have located two copies of the first in the U.S. (Harvard, Morgan Library) and three dated 1563 (Chicago, Harvard, Yale). In fine condition, bookplate of Swiss bibliophile J.-P. Barbier-Mueller (1930-2016).
¶Barbier-Mueller, Bibliographie des Discours politiques de Ronsard 17; Kelso, “Supplementary Bibliographical List for The Gentleman” in Doctrine for the Lady of the Renaissance 424; Barbier-Mueller, Inventaire de la bibliothèque poétique d’auteurs français du XVIe siècle 715 this copy; USTC 14910; Brunet IV: 1382.

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