Der Lehr=und Weisheitbegierige Jüngling. CEBES, Christoph Paul Spieß.
Der Lehr=und Weisheitbegierige Jüngling.
Der Lehr=und Weisheitbegierige Jüngling.

Der Lehr=und Weisheitbegierige Jüngling.

Nürnberg, M. Endter 1659.

8vo (154 x 98 mm.). [xvi], 127, [1]p. PRINTED MUSIC.

Contemporary gilt vellum over stiff paper boards (soiled), outer partly pointillé roll with semicircles and flowers, inner corner volutes, central oval wreath stamp, flat spine gilt.

 A PAINTING GOES ON STAGE. Only Edition, “VIRTUALLY UNKNOWN” (Kurth & Haberkamm, tr.). Spieß created this comedy for students at the St. Egidien lower school in Nürnberg.
            This dramatic reworking of the ancient literary reconstruction of a lost Greek painting of the journey of human life — Table of Cebes — depicts dangers and temptations. TWENTY-SIX CHILDREN, AGES FIVE TO FIFTEEN, PERFORMED THE THIRTY-EIGHT SPEAKING PARTS IN THIS THREE-ACT SIXTEEN-SCENE PLAY in which Seduction, Female Lust, Gambler, Surveyor, Nobleman, Poet, Math Teacher, Greed, Wisdom, Physician, Philosopher, Strength, Ambition, Blame, Geography and twenty-two more entertain and instruct. Even without the ten walk-on Infantes, ages two to six, the playwright clearly had his hands full.
            Joh. Gotthard Spieß (age thirteen), who played Greed and Astronomer, and two Endter boys, sons of the book’s printer figured among the thespians. Johann Georg (nine) held the role of the Compassion, while Balthasar Joachim (also nine) took on Pride and Historian, before a long career in printing and publishing (d. 1719).
            The leading Nürnberg musician of the time, Paul Hainlein (1626-86), who taught at the St. Egidien school, wrote the seven strophic songs sung by the children (music pp. 117-27).
            A fine copy, undoubtedly for presentation.
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