Description Des Objets D’Art De La Collection De B.G. Sage. Balthazhar-Georges SAGE.

Description Des Objets D’Art De La Collection De B.G. Sage.

Paris, P. Didot l’aîné 1816.

8vo. [iv], 112p.

Contemporary gilt straight-grained red morocco, outer rolls of shark’s teeth, a rule and flowers, gilt central arms of Armand-Emmanuel-Sophie-Septimanie de Vignerot du Plessis, duc de Richelieu (1766-1822; O-H-R 410,1 this copy), richly gilt flat spine and title, all edges gilt, blue silk endleaves, green silk marker.

Bound with:
SAGE, Balthazhar-Georges.        1740-1824.
     Effets De La Foudre Et Des Trombes. Paris, P. Didot l’aîné 1821. 8vo. 37, [3 blank]p.

Ad I: Private Collection catalog of the apothecary, chemist, mineralogist and professor. The Enlightenment scientist prepared his own catalog. His entries range from a few lines to two pages and detail the iconography, materials, size and rarity of his urns, medals, vases, obelisks, miniatures, reliquaries, porcelains, ivory statues and terra cotta figures — in all, one hundred seventy-four pieces. He presents them as they are arranged in his home in four cases and nine armoires. He then turns to his paintings on canvas (Callot, Chardin, Rubens….), wood and glass and his fine specimens of pietra dura, mosaics and miniatures. Some pieces were his own commissions to the best artists of the day. His chief achievement was the establishment of the Royal Mining School to which he sold his important mineral collection. This is the second edition, of which I have found one copy in the U.S. (NGA; the 67-page 1807 first edition — Getty).
¶Todericiu, “Balthasar-Georges Sage (1740-1824)” in Revue d’histoire des sciences 37 (1984) 29-46 & no. 48 (“67p.” in error); Rosny, Catalogue de la riche bibliotheque (1836) 283 (this copy); Brouwet, Catalogue (1935) 110 (this copy); Jammes, Cabinets de curiosité 306; for his 1827 sale see Blanc’s Le Trésor des curiosities II: 367.
     Ad II: Only Edition. Sage discusses lightning, electricity, cyclones, and tornadoes and meteorological phenomena in France and Switzerland. His treatment of bioluminescence includes notes on central American lantern-flies, phosphorescent fish and single cell marine organisms, drawing, i.a., on Fr. Péron’s travels to Australia and Hulme. One copy in the U.S. (Harvard). In good condition (paper lightly browned).
¶Fassig, Bibliography of Meteorology. Part IV — Storms 219; not in Todericiu.

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