Elisens und Sophiens Gedichte. Elisa RECKE, baronin von der, Sophie SCHWARZ.
Elisens und Sophiens Gedichte.

Elisens und Sophiens Gedichte.

Berlin, [J.G. Langhoff for] F. Vieweg d.Ä. 1790.

8vo. [iix], 280p. Color-printed title aquatint of Sappho (Eberh. Siegfr. Henne, see below).

Retrospective gilt red morroco, flat spine, gilt-lettered title, edges sprinkled green.

Only Edition of this collection of verse by two Enlightenment women poets, who were close friends and traveling companions.
     THIS IS SOPHIE’S ONLY PUBLISHED VERSE. Intimate and whimsical, it addresses Elisa and others of her intellectual, social and family circles, and, for instance a walnut writing desk (which answers back) and on receiving the gift of a porcelain tea cup. She died unexpectedly while the volume was in preparation. Her husband saw the book through the press and appended poetic remembrances of his wife by Gleim, Göckingh, Anna Luise Karsch and others.
     Recke enjoyed a long literary career. These pieces embrace the natural and spiritual worlds, remember the dead and recall episodes of her and Sophie’s shared trips in the mid-1780s, during which they met and opened correspondence with the publisher Nicolai, the educator Basedow, the composer Mendelssohn and Goethe.
     A fine paper copy, this has Henne’s title aquatint delicately color-printed by Puhlmann (the regular issue is in black and makes no mention of Puhlmann). In excellent condition.
¶Leyh & Viehöver, “Sophie Schwarz (1754-1789): ‘Wonderful Antagonism in My Own Soul’” in Women from the Parsonage: Pastors’ Daughters as Writers, Translators, Salonnières, and Educators edd. Renker & Bach 107-30; Wilpert & Gühring, Erstausgaben deutscher Dichtung 1222,6; Goedeke, Grundrisz zur Geschichte der deutschen Dichtung V: 418,63,1 & V: 456,5; VD18 14899477.

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