De Birreto Rubeo Dando S.R.E. Cardinalibus Regularibus. Responsa. Antonio. fl SCAPPI.

De Birreto Rubeo Dando S.R.E. Cardinalibus Regularibus. Responsa.

Rome, Giorgio Ferrari [at the Stamperia del Popolo Romano] 1592.

4to. [iix], 90, [21]p. FULL-PAGE WOODCUT PRINTED IN TWO COLORS, a woodcut title device of the Stamperia del Popolo Romano.

18th-century vellum over paper boards, manuscript spine title, blue edges.

            Only Edition, first issue, of these nine essays on the cardinalate use of the biretta, the red three-cornered hat. Signing the final piece, Scappi compiled and edited the collection before 15 October 1591, as he dedicated the volume to Pope Gregory XIV, who died on that day. The other identified contributors are Giorgio Diedo (no. 3) and lawyer Niccolò Angeli (no. 8).
            Each tract has a theme and begins with an enumerative summary of its points. These include when it is legal to wear the head covering in religious and non-religious settings, the black biretta’s use by bishops, the red hat’s moral import, the status it implies and confers, how the biretta is to be handled, the historical context for it and lastly its abuses. Intended as ready-reference, the compilation has a four-hundred-entry alphabetic subject index.
            The printer, Giorgio Ferrari, supplied a supplementary dedication penned in August of 1592 addressing four cardinals — Bonelli, Sarnano, Bernerio and Petrochino — each of whose portraits he had cut wearing the biretta. THE FOUR WOODCUTS HAVE THEIR BIRETTAS PRINTED IN RED. He reissued the sheets in 1606 with a cancel title and without the dedications and two-color illustrations. I have located one example in the U.S. In good condition, title signature of Master of Papal Ceremonies, Giovanni Battista Lizzani (fl. 1739-75).
            Bound in back is Gir. Catena’s discourse Della Beretta Rossa (also Rome, Ferrari 1592; [iv], 34 (of 41)p.) cut out and mounted to match the dimensions of the Scappi (the five-page closing letter by Tom. Gratiani has not been included). Together, Scappi and Catena seem the only monographs on the subject before Struve in 1739, and it is likely Lizzani had them bound together. Both have been overlooked by the standard costume bibliographies.
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