Estatutos hechos por la Uniuersidad de Salamanca. SALAMANCA UNIVERSITY.

Estatutos hechos por la Uniuersidad de Salamanca.

Salamanca, [P. de Castro 1538].

Folio (270 x 187 mm.). 32 leaves (A-D6 E8 (E6 blank); see below). [ii], [55], [3 blank], [4]p. Central title woodcut of St. Mark, his lion and his Gospel, royal arms above, two vertical vine strips, fine white-line woodcut of eagles, braziers, cornucopia, etc., below.

Gilt brown morocco (B. Vera), spine and title gilt.

FIRST EDITION OF THE FIRST PRINTED STATUTES OF ANY SPANISH UNIVERSITY.  SALAMANCA’S GOVERNING DOCUMENTS WERE THE TEMPLATE FOR THIRTY-ONE NEW WORLD HISPANIC UNIVERSITIES ERECTED BY THE END OF THE 18TH CENTURY.  Established in the 1220s, Salamanca was the jewel of Spanish higher education, offering degrees in theology, medicine, natural and moral philosophy, the liberal arts and law. “It was among the most decisive factors in the formation of the Spanish world and its ideology” (Riesco Terrero, tr.).  These sixty-five articles touch every aspect of academic life, from the election of officers and courses of study to library and archive maintenance and the hospital. They confirm the independence of the Rector, codify judicial checks on the four principal colleges, ban luxury clothing and stipulate that street sweepers keep their appointed rounds.  I have located seven examples world-wide (Salamanca, Madrid, Oviedo, Escorial (two), Lisbon, Paris). Of these, the first five are defective, having 30 leaves or fewer, and the final two are of undetermined composition. In good condition (minor stain in the upper margins, scattered foxing). ¶Rodriguez Cruz, Salmantica Docet. La Proyección de la Universidad de Salamanca en Hispanoamérica I: 71-3 & passim; La Universidad de Salamanca I: Trayectoria historia edd. Fernández Álvarez et al. 75-83; Alejo Montes, “Las Reformas y los planes de estudio de la Universidad de Salamanca en las edades media y moderna” in REDEX. Revista de Educación de Extremadura (2012) 4: 11-26 online; Riesco Terrero, Proyección histórico-social de la Universidad de Salamanca…(Siglos XV y XVI) passim; Rashdall, The Universities of Europe in the Middle Ages edd. Powicke & Emden II: 63-90 “the representative university of Spain”.  Ruiz Fidalgo, La imprenta en Salamanca, 1501-1600 216 (30ff., A-E6); Palau 83537 (not seen); USTC 348947; Catálogo Colectivo del Patrimonio Bibliográfico CCPB001004109-5.

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