Item #10476 Paupertatis Opes. Antonius LEONCILLUS.
Paupertatis Opes.

Paupertatis Opes.

Ferrara, F. Suzzi 1649.

Folio. [xii], 463, 96p. Double-column, woodcut arms of the dedicatee Pope Innocent X on the title.

CONTEMPORARY RICHLY GILT RED MOROCCO WITH THE ARMS OF POPE INNOCENT X, outer frame of four different rolls, an open leaf and a small daisy, inner corners with volutes and azured vases, gilt-ruled spine with a fleuron in each compartment (a few minor worm holes), evidence of four ties, all edges gilt.

Only Edition, first issue, on civil and canon poor laws. It cites legal collections and commentaries, judicial decisions, classical authors, moral treatises and Scripture. Its classified alphabetic index lists some four thousand subjects. I have not identified an earlier monograph in the field.
 The first part examines the nature and types of poverty. The second and largest part takes up the rights of the poor and DISCUSSES WOMEN FORCED INTO THE SEX TRADE. The third part proposes three dozen solutions to poverty in two groups: those within the grasp of the individual then those considered the province of church, state and society. Leoncillus (d. 1665) held several papal appointments and high posts in the government of the duchy of Ferrara. In good condition, late 18th- or early 19th-century printed bookticket of Gio. Batt. Filonus on the title, signature of Louis-Alexandre Barbet (1850-1931; Catalogue (XI.1932) 577 — he owned, i.a., five Grolier bindings).
¶Pastore, “Il problema dei poveri agli inizi dell’età moderna” in Povertà e innovazioni istituzionali in Italia ed. Zamagni 191-200.

Item #10476

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