Globus Canonum Et Arcanorum Linguae Sanctae Ac Divinae Scripturae. de Saõ Francisco. O F. M. fl. 16th century LUÍZ.

Globus Canonum Et Arcanorum Linguae Sanctae Ac Divinae Scripturae.

Rome, [A. Gardano and F. Coattino for] B. de Grassis 1586.

4to (233 x 160 mm.). [xxxvi], 937, [51]p. Partly tabular, ETCHED ARCHITECTURAL TITLE with emblems, St. Francis and the Medici arms (signed PG and GP).

CONTEMPORARY ROMAN BINDING OF RICHLY GILT RED MOROCCO (restored), outer border of roundels and foliage (Battistuzzi 5), panels covered in curved vines, large azured foliage adorned with hearts, arabesques and solid dots, grotesque central cartouche with unidentified arms (five stars); the four raised spine bands are bordered by a narrow chain roll, each compartment with two impressions of a foliage roll of solid leaves (Battistuzzi 1 and 4), all edges gilt, manuscript 86 on the lower edge.

Only Edition: a principal work of the Spanish Golden Age on Hebrew philology and culture. Luíz explains Hebrew orthography, grammar, syntax, points and accents. He takes a harsh view of the superstition, magic and secret mysticism that burdened much Jewish and Christian study of the Kabbalah, as he sought to align the latter with the orthodoxy of Post-Tridentine Rome. He also supplies A TEN-PAGE BIBLIOGRAPHY — THE FIRST OF HEBRAICA? An excellent copy, a few margins uncut, bookplate of the botanist and Parliamentarian Charles Lacaita (1853-1933).
¶Reyre, “Fray Luis de San Francisco, un hebraísta cristiano del Siglo de Oro frente a la cabala rabínica” in Criticon 75 (1999) 69-89; Secret, Les Kabbalistes chrétiens de la Renaissance 223; Fürst, Bibliotheca judaica I: 288; EDIT16 CNCE 34638.  
For the binding see Battistuzzi, Legatura romana barocca 1565-1700 1 (1569-9, arms of Pius IV), 4 (c. 1576, arms of G. Boncompagni bastard son of Gregory XIII) & 5 (1576, arms of Gregory XIII).

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