Leipziger Meßscenen. Erstes [- Drittes] Heft. Christian Gottfried Heinrich Geißler.
Leipziger Meßscenen. Erstes [- Drittes] Heft.
Leipziger Meßscenen. Erstes [- Drittes] Heft.

Leipziger Meßscenen. Erstes [- Drittes] Heft.

Leipzig, E.F. Steinacker 1804-1805.

Three volumes. Oblong 8vo (180 x 218/223 mm.). 20p. and 18p. and 19 [r. 20]p. and TWELVE OVAL AQUATINTS IN FINE CONTEMPORARY COLOR (four per volume; plate mark 144 x 185 mm.). Double-column.

Original glazed pale blue printed wrappers (rubbed, spines crudely reinforced).

Only Edition. The artist’s lively and skillful rendering of buyers, sellers, gawkers and parasites at the semi-annual Leipzig fair captures the essence and the particulars of the most important organized commercial exchange between Eastern and Western Europe.
     The jaunty, often tongue-in-cheek text describing of the action and participants takes flight in prose through the multiple imagined conversations overheard in the crowd.
     We have street musicians, clothing sellers, boot makers, Russian dancers, horse traders, jugglers, peep show proprietors, wealthy Transylvanian and Greek merchants as well as ragged peddlers, romantic couples, purveyors of knick-knacks like tobacco pouches, cheap rings and toothpicks…. Closer to my own heart is the second-hand bookseller hard at work hawking pamphlets and devotionals while extending credit to the impecunious bibliophile, as two urchins steal a book.
     Geißler trained his eye to the vernacular during his eight years in Russian, including as the expedition artist for Pallas’ travels through the Caucasus and sourthern Russia in 1793-94. The booklets were published to coincide with the spring and autumn fairs of 1804 and the spring fair of 1805. I have found three examples in the U.S. In good condition.
¶Wustmann, C.G.H. Geißler der Zeichner der Leipziger Völkerschlacht 23-4 & 115,24; Lipperheide, Katalog der…Kostümbibliothek Dfg 5; Rümann, Die illustrierten deutschen Bücher des 19. Jahrhunderts 504 (attributing the text to Geißler as well).

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